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Meriet Duncan

I am a retired photographer, married with three sons and two grandchildren.  I am very lucky to live in the heart of Buckinghamshire in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  I have a grumpy horse, two adorable dogs and a small apiary.  I have a deep love of the countryside and nature and, more often than not, am to be found outside rather than in.

When I was 23 I went to America to stay with my Aunt for 6 weeks and my father lent me his beloved Pentax camera.  It was there I developed a keen interest and love of photography.     I gained an  Associateship at The Royal Photographic Society and worked as a professional photographer for 22 years specialising in editorial and portrait photography.

 I  also studied Musical Theatre and received a Licentiate at The London College of Music. I sing for The Alzheimer’s Society – Singing for the Brain - and for various other charity and care homes. It is probably the most rewarding thing I do.

My love for Honeybees

I became a beekeeper eight years ago and call myself an ‘accidental beekeeper’ because it is something I fell into rather than decided to do.   From the moment I opened up my first hive I fell in love with the honeybees. It didn’t take long before I became aware of the extent to which our planet relies on them.  I enjoy giving talks at children’s schools, W. I’s and other community groups which are always very warmly received.

What an achievement it would be to change perceptions about bees and where better to start than with young children through the medium of their schools and parents who will all learn at the same time.

My love of telling stories with my camera seems to have naturally extended to the pen!

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“When one tugs at a single thing in nature he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

— John Muir - a giant of the conservation movement.

We harm them at our peril...