I spent most of today preparing bits and bobs for the National Honey Show and my talk at Chesham Library tomorrow at 3.00pm. It really is all very exciting. I am enjoying all the work involved in getting Betsie Valentine up and flying, if you will pardon the pun!

I decided to sit and enjoy the sunshine and make a video, a reading as a tester as to how I will come across reading from my own book. I always found reading aloud hard as a school girl and therefore have not done it since, well not in public anyway. Funny how it sounds as if I am sitting near a motor way on the recording, whereas I am actually in my back garden surrounded by 650 acres of silent farmland! Oh well.. I guess you have to be technical to know what you are doing with such things. All things considered, I didn’t think it was so bad so have uploaded it on to You Tube! Well.. now it really is out there.

Go and have a peek. https://youtu.be/0ei-gBHLopY

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Source: https://youtu.be/0ei-gBHLopY