So there I was looking at some websites of people who I would like to ask to read and review Betsie Valentine and the Honeybees. l have a list of well known people I would dearly love to approach;  Bill Turnbull, Martha Kearney, Kate Humble, Vince Cable, Michael Gove etc.  I was looking at Kate Humbles website when I came across a charity she supports Bees for Development -  - I clicked on the link and read all about them and decided to send them an email with a link to my website and a pdf of the book.  Within 30 minutes they got back to me.  "Lovely book" they said "Can we talk?"  After a couple of emails and a telephone conversation with Dr Nicola Bradbear I was put in touch with Antoine de Navacelle, the UK representative of Institute Francaise -  - the end result?  I am taking part in their "Bee Day" Event on the 19th June in Central London, giving two twenty minute talks to children about life inside a beehive.  Boom!  Just goes to show you are only ever one click away from a result..