On 10th February 2017 I posted this image as my cover photo on Facebook.  It was as a result of listening to a Ted talk on You Tube about a woman of 60 who, against the advice of everyone, decided to follow her dream and swim across the Atlantic Ocean. Her daily mantra had been “Make It Happen.” And eventually, after 4 attempts, she succeeded. I was so inspired by her that I ran down stairs.. picked up the rough draft I had of Betsie Valentine stashed away in a plastic bag and began editing and typing it up on to my lap top and continued to do so every spare second in a day I had.. I put up the cover photo on to Facebook and a few people questioned it and I just said “you”ll see” and I made a photo of all the things I was going to make happen relating to Betsie Valentine. I put a copy on my dressing table mirror and one down stairs next to my computer so I could look at it every day.. and every day I repeated thar mantra “Make It Happen”. Yes you Meriet Duncan/ you do it. Get off the pot and “Make It Happen.”

Well today, one year - four months - two weeks and four days later.. I just have.. Betsie Valentine and the Honeybees just went to print!

Now the really hard work begins.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 16.25.38.png