So the book has started rolling.  I have a meeting with the printer on Monday - not too long until it becomes a reality and I cannot deny I am extremely excited.  I have begun to approach well known beekeepers such as Radio 4's Martha Kearney and Vince Cable to name but a few, and people such as Michael Gove, the environmental secretary, asking them to read and review the book. I have also asked the friends of mine who have proof read it prior to its print to review it.  In order to see their reviews/comments go to SHOP BOOK and click on the book and that is where you will find what they have had to say. I have been in touch with the charity 'Bees For Development' and they have responded immediately saying what a beautiful book it is and asked me to give a couple of talks for them at schools in South London... Boom!  So all is going well.  Obviously the book is not available to buy at the moment but I will let you know as soon as it is, of that you can be sure!










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