Yesterday I was invited to Broughton Community Infant School to watch their end of term musical.  It was absolutely wonderful.  It was all about the honeybees and they had covered everything; pollen, nectar, wax, waggle dance, flowers, pesticides, the queen, the drones, the worker bees and of course the most important thing of all - how important honeybees are to the survival of our planet.  It was such a treat to see young children so involved with this subject and understanding it. 

The Headmaster, Kevin Morrissey asked me if I would like to say a few words at the end and I simply said that they had performed everything that is in my book and all that I want to pass on to children throughout my tour of the schools!  

Afterwards I signed some copies of Betsie Valentine And The Honeybees and, with the permission of the parents, have put a couple of pictures up here on my blog.

What a great start to my tour of schools.. it could not have been better... children performing a bee musical!