What a lovely venue to do my first craft fair! Pitstone Museum, a beautiful place in Tring. It was a learning curve for sure being my first. Things I would do again and things I would not. I only sold a couple of books but I did a lot of talking about the bees which I always love and had a couple of enquiries about me doing talks to definitely not time wasted!

I probably would not do another one there, however, only because it is a place people come to visit mainly for the attractions around and about and not for the arts and crafts so many people wandered past with their children but didn’t come in. I think they had spent enough on tractor rides and having a go at modelling clay etc. It’s a bit like avoiding a gift shop at the end of a day out at any museum or activity place you go to with your children. One tends to take a deep breath as you walk through dreading the children wanting something else from the day! So maybe, for me not the right venue, but a lovely one none-the-less!

I will be doing craft fairs but not at specific venues where the craft fair is an add on!

Having said all of that, I met some very nice and talented people and it was an extremley relaxing day, which for me is a bonus. Below is the picture I took of the place as I arrived and my stand and a couple of me having a go myself on the pottery stand. Well how could I resist?