So the pesky wasps sadly overwhelmed and took over one of my hives.  Fortunately and unsurprisingly the weaker hive.  It was a sorry sight.  They put up a good fight but were not strong enough to defend themselves.  I found the Queen, popped her with a couple of workers in my pocket, rescued what bees were left and joined them with the stronger hive.  When I got home I sent out a message on Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram asking if anyone wanted/needed a laying queen.  Within 20 minutes someone called me and within another 30 minutes they had arrived and taken her back to their apiary in Tring.  The power of social media aye?  Below is a very rare picture.  It is one I took of a queen entering the hive, either returning from her orientation flight or from mating.  As the queen only leaves a hive twice, maybe three times if she swarms this is quite a thing to capture on camera!  And this is the very queen who was rescued by a fellow member from Tring!