What a fantastic week it has been. The weather has bee beautiful. My bees have been out flying. I have given them some more fondant as their hive felt light and there are lots of bees in there. With all the work they were out doing I thought it best to give them a little extra to draw on.

I always find it hard to walk past the Mirabelle tree outside my front door without standing underneath it and immersing myself in the wonderful humming of the bees, you can really feel and sense the joy in the sound they make as they gather the pollen and nectar. And, of course, the camera has come out as being a photographer I am always after that elusive shot, the one I haven’t managed yet to get. I’ll know it when I take it! My picture of the Queen re-entering the hive was good but slightly out of focus. Having said that, the fact that she only ever leaves the hive twice in her life time or thrice if she swarms to have managed to capture her at all was pretty damned good! But I’ll know that picture when I see it. Any excuse to stand for ages listening and watching the bees..

I’ve had some lovely bookings coming in from lots of local schools which is fabulous. Next week has become world book week for me not world book day as I said in my previous blog. I have been booked for world bee week and planet earth day so I am feeling very chuffed about that.

I have had some wonderful feedback from all my talks and the book continues to sell on a daily basis so that honeybee word is really getting around.

Keep checking in. You never know when I might be putting up that elusive image of the honeybee that I am always looking for.