Today I was at Chalfont Valley E-Act Primary School. There were between 70 and 80 children. And as always, these blog posts are repetitive because the children are always great! This was a lively lot but their energy and enthusiasm was superb. Once again great questions asked and then came the one question of the day that I can never answer, there is always one!

“If a honeybee beats her wings at 180 beats per second how many times does she beat her wings in her lifetime?”

Great question. I did not know the answer but suggested they go back to class and figure it out based on the honeybee, in the height of summer, only living for 6 weeks and only 2 of those weeks she is a flying bee. As I was packing up to go a very bright lad came back with the answer written on his hand. His name is Shiva and he had calculated it to be approximately 217,7289,000. I will take his word for it!

More and hopefully better images to follow…