As I said earlier, World Book Day turned in to World Book Week for me. A different school nearly every day finishing at Bedgrove Junior High School in Aylesbury.

Monday I was at Maltman’s Green School in Gerrards Cross where I did a couple of talks to different year groups, they were quite young children but they were, as always, charming and it really did go down very well.

Wednesday I was at Gateway School in Great Missenden where they asked me to take the assembly, which threw me a bit but I went with the flow and smiled to myself as I imagined what my teachers at Watford Grammar Girls would have made of all of this.. I then talked to three different groups of children throughout the course of the morning and, once again it went very well.

Thursday, actual World Book Day, I was at Bedgrove Junior School. They had really embraced the honeybee theme and made the whole day about the honeybees. Every class in the school had been set a project to do about the honeybees and incorporate in to their projects at least four facts they had each learned from my talk. The theme for dressing up was “bed time stories” so all the children and staff arrived in their pj’s or onesies. I put my hair in pin-curls and rags and wore my dressing gown and slippers which was great fun. I spend all day there. In the morning I spoke to four lots of 100 children. After lunch I did a book signing and Q & A session. One of the questions from the year six group was “Are you famous?” “Only in my house!” was my reply. Then another one piped up “How much money have you made? Are you rich?” The poor teacher hung their heads and I quickly replied “If we are talking JK Rowling.. not a lot and no… but there is still time!” Well it made the teacher laugh..

Apart from having little or no voice left after all the talking I have done this week, I have had a fabulous time. I was even sent a letter from someone who bought a couple of copies of Betsie Valentine And The Honeybees for his Nieces. One of them decided that this would be her book of choice to take to her school and dressed as a honeybee… chuffed as mint balls? I should co-co!

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