BEE-2-B..... 🐝

Excellent meeting with Sarah from “Sleeping Lion” and Rosie from “Rosie Duncan” this morning, both marketing experts, on how to expand the altruistic side of Betsie Valentine in to the world of corporate business. It was inspirational to say the very least. As you all know my passion is the Honeybees and I love nothing more than going in to schools and talking to children and their teachers about their importance to our planet and the lifecycle of the Honeybees. I also visit W.I’s, Libraries and local communities which I also enjoy doing with every beat of my heart. The more you learn about the Honeybees the more you learn about community, communication, leadership and so on. And so.. I am expanding my business in to going to small, large and corporate businesses to talk about the correlation between the success workings of a colony of bees and a successful corporate company and what we can all learn for the good of ourselves and our planet..

Its very exciting.

Why Bee-2-B? It’s my corporate calling card. Let’s get it out there and create a buzz!